As telecoms markets move towards 5G and in the face of increasing spectrum shortages and demand for accessible and affordable services, policy-makers and industry stakeholders have devised ground-breaking regulatory frameworks called Spectrum Access System (SAS) in the US and Licensed Shared Access (LSA) in Europe to enable dynamic spectrum sharing.
Founded in 2012, RED Technologies has been a pioneer in spectrum sharing technologies and actively contributed to the CBRS regulatory and standard developments. RED Technologies' team is constituted of first class engineers and PhDs coming from top tier telecom vendors and operators. Our company is now a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable CBRS and TVWS spectrum sharing solutions for operators of all sizes and sectors. To complete its unique SAS suite, RED Technologies is currently working on the 6GHz standardization while developing the necessary AFC (Automatic Frequency Controler).



Citizens Broadband Radio Service

RED Technologies develops and markets a SaaS platform, a.k.a. Spectrum Access System (SAS), which enables the proper sharing and protection of users in the multi-tiered spectrum sharing framework called CBRS in the United States.

CBRS allows commercial use of 150 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band.

Spectrum is securely and dynamically shared between incumbents and commercial telecom operators,  through our cloud-based technology.

RED Technologies is among the few companies in the world to offer such a field-proven solution. 

RED Technologies’ platform was installed at the FCC-accredited test lab in May 2018 where Lab tests were completed in June 2019 with 100% success rate. Our SAS also passed all industry-lead interoperability tests with 15+ CBSD/small cells providers as well as other SAS providers.



TV White Spaces

TV White Space is another example of spectrum sharing, currently used to connect rural communities to the internet around the world. It is the name given to unused broadcasting frequencies in the wireless spectrum, gaps left between channels by television networks. With the right management to ensure that television services are protected, this technology allows more efficient use of national radio spectrum.
Using dynamic spectrum management to make the most effective use of the spectrum, TV White Space radios offer broadband speeds over several kilometres. The signal can travel through permanent obstacles such as trees and challenging terrain.
Given the appealing characteristics it is well suited for a range of uses, including providing broadband connectivity to rural communities, delivering wireless connectivity across campuses and connecting IoT devices.



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