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RED Technologies provides key SAS technology to Amdocs for E2E CBRS based LTE/5G/Private Networks in

RED Technologies is proud to have provided Amdocs its SAS technology and support leading to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announcing that Amdocs has been certified to operate as Spectrum Access System (SAS) administrators in the 3.5 GHz band, paving the way for full commercialization of its unique end to end CBRS based LTE/5G/Private Networks solutions covering wireless network design, rollout, testing and operation. 

While partnering with Amdocs in the first wave of SAS Administrators certification, RED Technologies has applied to become a direct SAS administrator in the upcoming second wave alongside Nokia.

The announced SAS approval follows an FCC review of Amdocs’ Initial Commercial Deployment report and consultation with the Department of Defense and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) as part of the SAS certification process. The CBRS proceeding has been years in the making. RED Technologies, a member of the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum), has actively contributed to the extensive SAS standardization works. 

In a global spectrum-constrained environment and while other regulators around the world keep contemplating the opportunity, the FCC has thrived to make dynamic spectrum sharing a reality. Successful implementation of CBRS will accelerate the opening of additional underutilized bands for shared access, both in the US and globally in the years to come, such as the C-Band or or the 6 GHz bands. 

RED technologies will keep contributing to the necessary standardization and regulatory works in all potential bands to further position the company as a unique and innovative dynamic spectrum sharing specialist with the full range of systems available to operators, verticals and governments worldwide. 

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