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Private 5G is a network technology that allows businesses and organizations to deploy their own 5G telecommunications network for their exclusive use. It provides high-speed connectivity and low latency for applications that require superior network performance, such as augmented reality, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Private 5G uses cases are diverse and primarily focused on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. For example, in the manufacturing industry, private 5G can be used to connect robots and machines to automate production processes. In  healthcare, it can be used to provide a better quality of care through the real-time transmission of medical data such as high-definition imaging. 

In addition, private 5G can be used to develop new augmented reality and virtual reality applications for training, education and entertainment. It can also be used to improve security and surveillance at sensitive sites, such as military installations or nuclear power plants. 

Finally, private 5G can be used on industrial or logistics campuses to provide high-speed connectivity for autonomous vehicles and drones, enabling the development of autonomous transportation and delivery services.

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