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Our Value Proposition

Although private 5G Networks are being sought by the industries, SMEs and large enterprises are facing challenges in getting access to 5G frequencies, technology, cost of equipment and telecom skills.

Today, regulatory authorities start facilitating access to 5G frequencies for businesses (38/2.6GHz – N77/3,4-3,8GHz bands in France, N78/3.7GHz band in Germany, N48/3.5GHz CBRS band in the US) at affordable rates.

In this context RED Technologies aims at facilitating access to the technology to the greatest number of companies and industries by offering Private 5G “as-a-service”.​

Private 5G “as-a-Service” is a cloud based private 5G wireless network operated service.
A model for organizations to consume network infrastructure through flexible operating expense (OpEx) subscriptions, inclusive of hardware, software, management tools, licenses, and lifecycle services:


  • A subscription-based private 5G wireless network operated service that frees enterprises from operating it on their own

  • A simple, affordable and innovative business model for enterprises and operators

  • A Fast, plug & play, scalable solution to the enterprises' needs

  • Assistance in obtaining a private license from the regulatory authorities in EU or combined service with our Spectrum Access System (SAS) in the US

  • OEM Partnerships with operators will open the market to the largest number of enterprises seeking to quickly benefit from the use of a private 5G “as-a-service”

With RED Private 5G as-a-Service

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