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RED Technologies files AFC System operator application with the FCC

Paris, France, December 1st, 2021 - RED Technologies announces the company filed its application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for approval as an Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) System operator. The AFC is necessary to tell Wi-Fi 6E standard power unlicensed devices what channels and power levels can safely be used in a particular location to avoid interference with existing licensed incumbents such as fixed microwave links and radio astronomy facilities.

This strategic decision will enable RED Technologies to complete its unique SAS suite. RED actively contributes to the 6GHz standardization while developing the necessary AFC to support WLAN and 5G over 6 GHz unlicensed band. The company has extensive experience in building innovative cloud-based spectrum sharing solutions, and is already serving numerous customers in the US with its Spectrum Access System (SAS) for CBRS through a partnership with Amdocs. RED also operates TVWS systems in the US and Canada, two markets where the AFC is required and which will be the first countries to permit 6 GHz operation outdoors.

In order to fully cover spectrum sharing opportunities independently, RED Technologies is currently passing FCC certification to become a Wave 2 SAS administrator, a certification the company has already successfully passed in wave 1 in partnership with Amdocs, and anticipates to enter the CBRS market mid 2022.

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