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RED Technologies to expand TV White Spaces operations to Canada

Paris, France, Dec. 10, 2020 - RED Technologies announced today the company lodged an application with ISED (Innovation, Science & Economic Development) Canada to become a TV white space (TVWS) database administrator in the country. The decision was made after extensive discussions with the organisation, equipment vendors and internet service providers. The effort will enable the deployment of terrestrial wireless broadband internet to communities in rural and remote areas, hence contributing to reduce the digital divide in Canada.

Wave DB, RED’s database tells devices which frequencies they can use in that area, at what power and for how long. RED’s geo-location database allows wireless devices to access TVWS and operate with the current guidance from ISED communication rules. RED’s dynamic spectrum management technology enables wireless communications at relatively high data-rates over long distances and delivers connectivity to large open areas where it would be difficult to deploy fixed infrastructure. This technology works where others cannot, helping consumers and businesses in remote areas to get online.

Michael Abitbol, COO of RED Technologies said, “After successfully launching our TVWS service in the United States in collaboration with Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, we met considerable interest from equipment vendors and ISPs for TVWS in Canada. Just like in the US, Canada has launched major initiatives such as the establishment of the Broadband Fund to close the digital divide. We therefore anticipate great demand in underserved areas across the country.”

Reno Moccia, EVP of Sales & Marketing of Redline Communications commented: “Canada’s rural communities are considerably underserved with only 41% of them having broadband connectivity vs 86% of Canada in general. Redline Communications is very supportive of ISED’s initiatives to create a TVWS spectrum offering to help bridge the rural divide and we are very excited to be supportive of RED Technologies as a SAS provider for the service. With a global footprint and vast SAS experience, they have the ability to leverage their IP to provide quality Spectrum Access Systems for the Canadian markets.”

“Deploying our TVWS database will pave the way to the introduction of our 6GHz AFC (Automatic Frequency Controller) in Canada. Indeed, with ISED’s recent public consultation on 6GHz and considering key synergies between TVWS database technology and the 6GHZ AFC, today’s application is a very important strategic move for RED Technologies.” Pierre-Jean Muller, CEO of RED said.

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